What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Baby bottle tooth decay is the tooth decay that affects the baby teeth in infants and toddlers. To protect your child’s teeth and keep them strong and healthy, visit your dentists, Dr. Fernanda Levine and Dr. Paul Levine of Levine Family Dentistry in McLean, VA.

What are the causes of baby bottle tooth decay?

Both breast milk and formula milk contain sugar. When you give the child these sugar-containing liquids at night just before sleep, the sugar will keep in contact with their teeth till the morning. The oral bacteria are capable of transforming sugar into acid, which will wear your teeth enamel away, causing the teeth decay. This phenomenon doesn't happen during the morning, because the elevated saliva levels in the morning will wash the sugary liquid away. In most patients, the upper front teeth decay first.

What is the importance of baby teeth?

Although baby teeth are temporary teeth and will be changed one day, they possess many benefits. The following are some of these benefits:

  • Baby teeth are necessary for eating and chewing
  • Baby teeth will form the shape of your child's face
  • Baby teeth are needed to help the child talk clearly
  • Baby teeth will keep spaces in the gum open for the permanent teeth to come in

How to prevent baby bottle tooth decay?

To prevent baby teeth decay, your dentists at Levine Family Dentistry in McLean, VA, say you must make sure to clean your baby's teeth after taking the bottle, breastfeeding, or taking any medicine that contains sugar. Once your child’s teeth come in, start using small amounts of fluoride-containing toothpaste. Avoid giving your child a drink that contains sugar at bedtime, and try not to let your child falls asleep while drinking the bottle or breastfeeding. Also, try to maintain healthy eating and drinking habits for your child.

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