Gain a Straighter Smile with Invisalign

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable because you have a crooked or misaligned smile and you think it’s too hard to straighten or too late for orthodontic treatment, there’s another option that may work for you! Orthodontic treatment has improved drastically and there are options that can work for any smile. Dr. Fernanda Levine and Dr. Paul Levine at Levine Family Dentistry in McLean, VA, can explain how Invisalign can help your smile become the straightened smile that you’ve always dreamed of!

Invisalign Can Straighten Your Smile!

When your teeth are crooked, overlapped, and misaligned, it can not only be hard on your confidence but can leave you at risk for tooth decay because it’s harder to fully clean your smile. Invisalign from your dentist in McLean, VA, can straighten your teeth and can give you a smile that you’ll be excited to show off.

Invisalign consists of clear aligners that are custom-designed to fit your smile and adjust your teeth over a period of time. You’ll switch out your aligners every few weeks as your smile progresses, and your teeth begin to shift into the correct positions. You’ll also be visiting your dentist every six weeks or so to make any adjustments needed and to make sure that you are progressing as planned.

Once your smile is straightened, it’ll be easier to clean your teeth because there won’t be any hidden areas now that the entire tooth will be exposed. Since Invisalign is clear, it’s practically invisible and no one will be able to tell that you’re straightening your teeth. It takes an average of 9 to 15 months to complete treatment, and it will depend on the severity of your smile. You should be wearing your aligners the entire day and should only take them off to eat, drink, brush, and floss.

Contact Your Dentist Today!

Don’t hesitate to straighten your smile today! Contact Dr. Fernanda Levine and Dr. Paul Levine at Levine Family Dentistry in McLean, VA, to learn more about Invisalign and if you’re a candidate. Call for more information and to schedule your appointment today at (703) 356-3960.

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